Retired Emergency Man's Association





Let us never forget all those souls lost on September 11, 2001 in NY, PA and Washington,

especially our fallen NYPD brothers who gave their lives so selflessly.


 Let us keep all those men and women serving in our armed forces around the world in our thoughts and prayers, especially those assigned to ESU who have been called to active duty.


    Our prayers are being requested for the following members, or their family members.




Pik Kau Yee, mother of REMA member NYPD Inspector Gin Yee, Executive Officer, Citywide Operations Bureau. She passed peacefully at the graceful age of eighty-nine years and eleven months. Gin tells me she went peacefully and at home the way she wanted it. She was probably in pain, but never let on. When he would ask her how she was feeling, she would say "There's nothing wrong with me" - and she never wanted us to worry about her. She will be deeply missed by her family and her many friends. They can now take comfort in the knowledge that her earthly battles are now over.
Please keep her and Inspector Yee’s entire family in your prayers. Mrs. Yee has completed her life here on earth bringing joy, happiness and love to her entire family. I am sure she will continue to love, guide and take care of them from her heavenly home with the Lord. May she rest in peace for eternity. (posted August 21, 2017)


REMA - Request for Prayer List


I have added a member's mother-in-law to our prayer list. She has deteriorated and we need to pray for her to remain strong during this battle.

There are now TWENTY - TWO people that our prayers are requested for. They wish to remain anonymous and I will respect their wishes. May they all have their intentions fulfilled. (posted November 22, 2017)