Retired Emergency Manís Association




April 30, 2011

To all members,

The members of Emergency Service Squad 1 (ESS 1) asked me to inform our REMA membership of the following event.


There will be a STREET RENAMING CEREMONY held on Saturday, May 21, 2011, at 1030 hours, to honor Police Officer Brian G. McDonnell, Shield #6889, assigned to the Emergency Service Squad 1 (ESS 1), who was killed on September 11, 2001.


The Location is:     Kinloch Road & Barrie Avenue, Wantagh, New York


There will be refreshments served immediately following the Ceremony at: 1009 Brent Drive, Wantagh, New York.


The Staff at REMA is hoping for a good turnout to honor one of our own. This year is the tenth Anniversary of the worst terrorist attack on our soil in United States history. Our participation and support of this function will be another way we can help keep alive the memories of those heroes who gave their lives on that tragic day.


Anyone with questions should contact:

Detective John McKenna
NYPD Emergency Service Squad 1
Work: 212-477-7419
Cell:    646-584-4201
email: John.McKenna@nypd.org

                                                      The Staff at REMA