October 21, 2006

On Saturday, November 18, 2006, at 1030 hrs., the town of Levittown will be honoring New York City Patrolman Patrick O'Connor (ESS 1) who died in the line of duty on 11/24/1971, by renaming Ridge Lane where he lived.

Maps & Directions

    On november 24th, 1971, at 2130 hours, patrolmEn patrick o’connor, ESS #1, and maurice fitzgerald, ESS #6, assigned to rep adam six, wERE proceeding west ALONG the ELEVATED gowanus expressway near 55th street, WHEN they observed a motorist stopped in the right lane changING A tire. OWING TO THE HAZARDOUS LOCATION, the officers POSITIONED their UNIT to the rear of the disabled AUTO and activated their emergency lightS, SO AS to protect the motorist.

MOMENTS LATER, THE  REP was  VIOLENTLY struck in the rear by a fuel TANKER truck causing the POLICE VEHICLE to LUNGE forward, sideswipe another vehicle, to bounce off the center divider, AND,  finally camE to REST against the OUTER GUARD rail of the elevated HIGHWAY, which was OVER 200 feet from the POINT OF IMPACT. both officers were pinned in their vehicle. when they were finally extricated they were rushed to lutheran medical center. patrolman fitzgerald WAS seriously  injurED.  HOWEVER, patrolman o’connor DIED AS A RESULT OF HIS INJURIES.