Retired Emergency Man’s Association



June 15, 2006

To all members,
    It is a pleasure to officially welcome Detective Mike Hanson (ESS 1) into REMA. He not only followed in his Dad's footsteps while in the NYPD, but also in retirement because John Hanson (Ret E 6) was a proud member of REMA until his death on April 08, 2002.  If you know Mike, then you know the sentiments expressed below are sincere and honest. He always has personified that E-attitude in everything he did. He is a true E-Man. I wish him all the best and hope for a long and happy retirement.

    I received this message and wish to pass it on to everyone. You can reach Mike at: mikeesu1@hotmail.com
                                                                                   Tony Sanpietro

To All 

     Today June 14, 2006, I was approved for accidental disability retirement from the job. The attached message was sent to all the trucks and sub-units of ESU as a retirement message to mark my official eligibility for REMA membership. I am sending it to all the retirees and those to whom it will have special meaning and for whom I have email addresses. Please forward to those you think should see it. To all, thanks for the memories.

Be Safe - Mike Hanson 



To my colleagues and friends of ESU,

I have truly lived my dream!

    Over 19 years ago, I pinned what once was my father’s shield on my chest and his E-6 collar brass on my collar. From the time I was four years old, on those paydays I was able to accompany him to the truck to pick up his check, I knew my fate was sealed …. Now I had made it to E-land!

    First, I would like to thank those senior guys, both active and retired, who welcomed me, trained me and prepared me for some of the most difficult challenges I would face during the course of my life and career, as well as the daily routine that can be “Emergency”. I never would have made it without the direction and support of those senior guys who showed me not only the ropes, but also ALL that is required to be successful in this outfit. Their advice has served me well. I use it to this day as a senior guy. The best tool they provided me with was the “E” attitude…  USE IT!!

Do what you can, for who you can, with whatever it takes, to get it done.

    Do not be mistaken though, for there is still much to learn from the new guy as well. I have learned they too, bring new life and good information to the table. You would be surprised what old dogs are capable of learning. Respectfully presented, you will be heard.

    I have been blessed to work beside some of the most dedicated police professionals during my career here. I have had the opportunity to work patrol, instruct in STS, HAZ- MAT, and EMT, helped develop FEMA-USAR, institute the NYPD Defib program, and serve as “U2A”, all of which provided me the benefit to work with, and for, some of the best talent in this job, and for that, and to them, I am grateful. Thank You.

    I have also lost some of my dearest friends and colleagues. It was a true privilege to have known them.  MAY THEY REST IN PEACE.

    In closing, let me tell you that although I am retiring and no longer reporting here to work, my heart and soul travels with you as you do your job. I will forever long to be among people like you. I move on now, proudly

passing the baton to you, those e-cops who will continue to… Do what you can, for who you can, with whatever it takes, to get it done !    

                                                                   GOD BLESS AND BE SAFE!!

                                                                    Detective Mike Hanson ESS#1