I feel that we have successfully completed the first and major phase of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The Iraqi people have been liberated from the cruel and inhumane dictatorship that was forced on them and now can have a direct say in their own future. The price in human lives was not cheap. I know we will always remember those who gave their lives in this campaign. All the military personnel involved performed above and beyond expectations. Our thanks, prayers and support go out to them and their families. 
     There are presently twelve members of the NYPD ESU who have been activated with their military units and are serving their country. I especially hope you will keep them and their families in your thoughts and prayers. Let us also not forget those on the home front who are in harm's way.
     At present this is the role that REMA members can perform best. We will not standby idly and do nothing. Our prayers and support are important. If there is any further role that we are asked to perform, I will post it here. God Bless America.


Fallen Heroes of Operation Iraqi Freedom -  courtesy of FOX News
Captured and Missing American Troops    -  courtesy of FOX News