Tribute to a Member's Son



    REMA member Will Sekzer lost his son Jason in the cowardly attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Recently, a request was made on Will's behalf by REMA member Gary Gorman to have Jason Sekzer's name put on one of the munitions (bomb, missile, artillery shell) that will be used in the war on terrorism. The request was passed up the line of the military hierarchy. Yesterday, this message was received by Will Sekzer.


    In Will's words, "This is small retribution for what I lost, but it means the world to me. God bless the US Marines and all of our troops."



For the record:  The weapon this tribute was written on is a 2000 pound, Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) GPS guided bomb.  It's big, it's ugly and it's always lethal, just like we love them.  It was dropped on the night of 1 April 03 against targets located east of Baghdad.    The targets were associated with the Al Nida division of the Republican Guard.  A United States Marine Corps F/A-18D based in Kuwait flew the mission.  The mission and the weapon were 100% successful.



                                        Semper Fi
                                        Major Joe Boehm