As the embedded REMA reporter, I want to report that the ESU Retirement/ Promotion Party was held on Wednesday, April 30, 2003 at Russo's on the Bay from 1800 hrs - 2330 hrs. There were almost 400 people there and everyone seemed to have a good time. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly honored us with an inspirational message and stayed quite a long time talking one on one with many of the people attending. Former CO's Bob Baumert and Ron Wasson, as well as the present CO, Insp Steven Bonano were among the dignitaries. I want to congratulate Det Pete McGovern, ESS 3 and his staff for doing a great job of running this affair. My thanks also go out to all the REMA members who came and joined in honoring the newly promoted E-Men and the recent retirees. We showed them we care and that's what will help keep us together.